Hey Tumblr! Hate how every politician you’ve ever heard of is a technologically inept, out of touch, corrupt anachronism? Here’s someone to be optimistic about.

Meet Dave Cole. He’s one of us - tech savvy, socially responsible, and looking to make waves on the issues you care about.

He supports net neutrality, social equality, digital privacy, and transparency.

Better still? He is open-sourcing his policy standards and, eventually, his legislation. That’s right - for the first time, we can actually have a real impact on the issues that matter to us. Check it out!

Signal boost this! This is the stuff you care about!

You can find his site here, and at the time of this writing he’s doing an AMA on reddit.

We need this, guys. We complain all the time about things like social equality and SOPA and the NSA. This guy wants to do something about it.

Megaupload back?
Is this legit? Not sure if pages all same because they’re really just in the process of rebuilding, or if well thought out phishing scam….

If the internet falls, we will rise.

Fight for your freedom.